XOXO By AndWord: Listen And Download

XOXO By AndWord: Listen And Download

The Spokenword industry in Ghana in recent year has gain recognition and grounds in the entertainment industry. Thanks to other industry players and the passionate men and women who have taken it upon themselves and made the industry what we are all seeing and enjoying today.

One of the young artist, Andrews Edward known as AndWord who  has chosen Spokenword as his ministry and is actually making real impact has yet dropped another piece and he calls this one “XOXO”.

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Asking why he chose to call this one XOXO, he said, “XOXO stands for love and Jesus is our XOXO. He is the only one who can provide us with real and the greatest of love sincerely. Men will disappoint us.”

“Sometimes we tend to think God has closed his eyes to our problems because of the fact that we are not seeing answers, but the fact is He is somewhere else working on our behalf. This could be linked to a real life situation when you and your love one are separated by distance and so therefor there may be no romance but this is not the case of Jesus, because real love is not about romance but is what is on the Roman’s cross. If you want to experience real love, look up to the cross first, at Jesus.” AndWord added.


The piece is loaded with sage and prudent words that will get you thinking about what true love really means.

Take a moment, listen, download, share, like and subscribe to his channel for more.

Click to watch and download

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