The President of the University Students Association of Ghana (USAG), has reprimanded the management of UDS Navrongo and Tamale campuses without mincing words. USAG bemorns blackout at UDS and reprimands authorities.

He described them as dragging their feet on the job. The happenings at UDS has led to a state of emergency bringing to a halt all academic and non academic activities. In this modern Ghana?

Yet still the managers of the institution are still at post, what a country? He asked!
His bitterness came as a result of light out or total darkness that the University has been experiencing for almost a week now. Mr Paul Abrokwa who spoke to some media houses condemned the act and described it as a destructive tool to academic performance.

He therefore advice the students body to remain calm as management and government come into term in fixing the light for the institution.

Mr Paul Abrokwa, took the opportunity to complain about the recent developmenst in our various universities and call on government to straighten up things to avoid students anger. He went on to appeal to the government and the management of universities in the country to fix the challenges being faced by the various institutions across the nation.

Furthermore, he also sounded a word of caution to government to promptly ensure that all tertiary institutions especially the universities operate in a sound and a serene atmosphere.

The recurrent brouhaha that has taken over our institutions should be dealt with.
The association would not take it kindly on any management who tries to destroy student’s peace on learning.

UDS has been in the news recently for the non payment of electricity bills accumulated since 2012 leading to a cut off of power supply to some campuses of the institution by the Electricity Company of Ghana. USAG is calling on the governing council to sit up and resolve the issue within two weeks or face the wrath of Ghanaian students.

We also want to use this opportunity to inform the University students populace that weshall soon start paying attention to some petitions that the association has received on issues affecting students and their finances.

Finally He used the opportunity to remind the university students across the country of pending demonstration on Monday regarding the mass failure of students seeking legal education to become certified lawyers.


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