The ongoing demonstration by the student body of the University of Education, Winneba has just into a battlefield as police fired tear gas and gunshot on the students. PREGNANT WOMAN DEAD IN ONGOING DEMONSTRATION IN UEW

The police fired unnecessary gunshot and tear gas as the students were having a peaceful demonstration on the school campus. The police fired tear gas as a means of calming down the situation. The tear gas further agitated the students and the students begun to destroy the school property.

A PENSA Bus, Flat Screen at the Simpa Halls and the glasses of the schools administration block were all destroyed. There are rumours of 4 students have been shot with two dead including a pregnant woman.

A Special Education student was seriously hurt as he was trampled over by the students who were running away from the tear gas and gunshots of the police.

The school has been closed down indefinitely by the minister of education, Hon. Kwamena Duncan. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was also at the school premises to calm down the demonstrators but seems to have fallen on deaf ears as the fight between the Police and the student demonstrators is getting out of hand with more and more casualties.

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