Music Review: “PEACE” by Sarkodie

Music Review: “PEACE” by Sarkodie

Today’s song I will like to talk about is “PEACE” by Sarkodie.

Well I can actually classify the song as either a freestyle or mix tape since the instrumental is from another artist. Title of the main track is forbidden fruits by J Cole, an American hip hop rapper and he featured Kendrick Lamar on it, the song is from J Cole’s first studio Album Born Sinner. Enough of the history let me not bore you with too much story and focus on the agenda. Music Review: “PEACE” by Sarkodie

He separated the song in two verses and gave some mind blowing punches about religion and spirituality on a controversial topic discussed every day……. Read the lyrics below


Me and my b**** (oh sorry)

Took a lil trip (sorry sorry sorry)

Down to the garden (you know)

Took a lil d***, o no

Apple juice falling from her lips (make you no pay mind to the hook tho, I just need the beat) took a lil sip (urhm I just need the beat, yeah I got something on my mind, yeah)

* words in bracket is Sark’s


So initially He apologises for the fact that the hook of the song contains cussing words in it and that He only needs the beat to tell his story, he opens with the flow of Him having something on his mind and wants to talk about it. Now let’s go to the 1st verse

I’m reading lots of books just to open my mind

It’s driving me crazy but God give me a sign

I’m trying to understand the religion I wish I could find

The reason why we never love each other pray for divine

The Preacher man is making all the money in church

F*** the members merhn it was the family first

I’m trynna break it down but then they called me a jerk

Cursed me to be the devil merhn it hurts

Cuz I see some people sleep on the streets

Nobody to love, ain’t got nothing to eat

I’m an artist and I gotta stand on my feet

Misconceptions so people start believing in peace

Christians worship God but hate people

We can’t really blame them the world is so evil

Based on belief, but we all equal

Lost, but you gotta know what you live for

Buddhists, Atheists, Muslims, Lodge, Christians, f*** religion, it’s all love


So there you have your first verse. With a rhyme scheme 1111, 2222, 3333, 444, delivery on the instrumental is hot, the rapper starts from the fact that he is reading books to open his mind and comes out with societal issues pertaining to religion and the hard truth of Preachers making lots of money from the common people and people living on the streets with nowhere to sleep. There is a general misconception about artist and he tackled one talking about society expecting him to be independent. It’s true we all lost and he talked about, the last part of the verse drives us to the fact that we all humans no matter our religious affiliation so we shouldn’t be religion biased. In the end love leads.

Music Review: “PEACE” by Sarkodie

Music Review: “PEACE” by Sarkodie

In the second verse he buttresses most of his points made in the first verse. It goes like this…….

We never wanna face facts, always wanna lie

Don’t judge me, I judge myself when I die

No need to be told cuz I can see with my eye

I was born as a King from the 10th of July

House of God, a place for dream chasers

But now they keep making money from street niqqas

Nyankopon somaa ne ba no s3 ombewu ngye y3n (God sent his son to come die and save (free) us)

Nanso yenhu nokor3 no nti daa na may3 pn (But we don’t see truth so because of that every day I initiate P N

Sofo prophesise de ne sika kortor B M (the pastor prophesies and uses His money to buy BM)

Menkor te a mete okyena mewu see them (instead of saying of positive things all they can say is I will die tomorrow)

Kristofo ne nkramofo yen nyinaa y3 nipa baako (Christians and Muslims are one people)

Obiaa nsom ne Nyame na obiaa nso mfa ne kwan so (Everybody should their God and practice their way of teachings and preachings)

Christians, we believe in Love.

Muslims, we believe in Love.

Buddhists, we believe in Love.

Even Atheists they believe in Love.

Obi tumi tan ne nua just because of religion. (someone can just hate his/her sibling just in the name of Religion)

Nyankopon se don’t judge He makes the decision (God advises not to judge because the final decision lies in His Hands)

Spirituality, that what I believe in

Cuz I think religion always got my niqqas always beefing

Me me Nyankopon masor no ahw3 onni me hwanbor (I have tested my God, He has never failed me)

S3 wonso wo dier no s3 debia wonni mo hwanbor

Dea na Papa baako no a na y3som no nti twabor

Kor korsh3 wo dan mu na p3 mpaebor bi na bor (and if your God has never failed you too then it is One God we are all worshipping)



In the second verse he continues with his serious rhyming scheme which we love him for but he touched lots of nerves and it was a very unapologetic approach to things he has observed as a Ghanaian and encourages us to believe in God instead of putting our faith churches and making religion separate us as humans. Love is all we need and we have to be spiritually attached to the Holy Spirit.

So what do you think, this is a nice piece made by the Highest Rapper of our time but does the title need to be peace? How is peace related to religion? Let us know what your thoughts are……………….


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