Meet Patrick Diaba, CEO Of Oasis Magazine

Meet Patrick Diaba, CEO Of Oasis Magazine

Ghanaian youths are gradually catching the revolution, a hand full are actually responding to the breeze entrepreneurship is carrying around and so we see young men trying to  come out with something or apply their ideas. And one person who we can say is pushing harder is Mr. Patrick Diaba.

Patrick Diaba is one of Ghana’s youngest entrepreneurs, the CEO of Oasis Design Studio and Oasis Magazine and also an educationalist.

With Great ambitions with his entrepreneurial skills, he aims at establishing a series of companies in Ghana starting with Oasis Design. Patrick is so much into IT, especially Graphic Design. He started his graphic designing career in the year 2014, growing in grace and creativity makes him a professional in his career.


About Oasis Magazine

The magazine is a business personality magazine that aims at empowering and promoting the personality of young entrepreneurs. The focus is to inspire young people by covering the success story of young entrepreneurs.

“I started Oasis Magazine in September 2018 with the motive of empowering young entrepreneurs to have the ability to create” Patrick said when asked what moved him to start the magazine.

Their vision is to bring up great entrepreneurs with high personality esteem and to help create business start-ups. Oasis stands for the determination to deliver, team work and integrity, thinking big and promotes learning and curiosity.

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For more information about Oasis;

0543323911, 0547419963 and 0201110646

[email protected]

[email protected]

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