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, a prominent son of the region and a national figure in NDC politics. KOKU ANYIDOHO PICKS FORMS TO CONTEST VOLTA REGIONAL CHAIRMANSHIP FOR NDC.

This is the result of endorsements by a great number of delegates and party activists who have pledged an absolute majority of votes in support of Koku. It is the hope of the sons and daughters of the region that Koku would be motivated by the large support base of NDC activists and party faithfuls to accept the nomination to lead Volta NDC at this critical time.

As the reader may recall, Koku Anyidoho was the immediate past Deputy General Secretary of NDC. He was in the trenches and played a pivotal role during NDC’s successful campaign to win power in 2008 under former President John Evans Atta-Mills.


Hon. KOKU ANYIDOHO has picked forms to contest Volta regional chairmanship for NDC

As a past Deputy general secretary, he understands, what party activists go through, what they are experiencing in opposition and what they are looking for in a party chairman.

It is the belief of NDCs rank and file in the region that the time has come for VR NDC to regain prominence in NDC politics in order to mobilize the maximum number of votes to propel our dear party back to power in order to complete the development agenda of ex-President John Dramani Mahama. KOKU ANYIDOHO PICKS FORMS TO CONTEST VOLTA REGIONAL CHAIRMANSHIP FOR NDC

The rank and file of NDC activists in Volta Region have expressed their readiness to put in extra efforts to engage more people, especially the youth, in the democratic process to campaign for the party under the chairmanship of Koku Anyidoho who is seen as a dynamic leader, with a strong track-record of standing up for NDC.

He is a leader who is passionate about the success of NDC. He is also seen as a champion of progressive values which can get more people involved in the democratic process.

Koku as VR Chairman of NDC can articulate the concerns of the region in national affairs without any fear and also champion the fulfillment of NDC’s vision for the region which has been truncated by our loss in 2016.

Koku Anyidoho is somebody that the rank and file of VR NDC is proud to stand with in order to work hard for the success of the party in 2020. He is a courageous leader who is willing to stand up for NDC values even if the going gets tough. Koku will always fight to uphold the values of NDC.

It is for these reasons that the party faithfuls believe that Koku Anyidoho will emerge unopposed, or as the favorite of Volta Regional Delegates as the Regional Chairman of the party.

KOKU ANYIDOHO is entreating all members of the NDC to join hands to make this dream a reality.


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