Jym.writes: How A Good Looking Waakye At Madina Duped Me Of 4 Ghana Cedis

Jym.writes: How A Good Looking Waakye At Madina Duped Me Of 4 Ghana Cedis

It appears like it is only in this share of the world that what a package is telling you actually differs from what you see/feel/taste in the package itself. We see it with the kind of adverts that runs on our TV’s, only to buy the produce and be confronted with surprises and disappointments.

The reason why some marriages are not durable is because perhaps the man assumed what he is seeing on the package depicts what the packaging carries. So after a month of marriage, and you start tasting what the package didn’t promised, you begin to think twice.
My mother started using Remy spices because of what she saw on TV but after using the product to prepare light soup for a ‘fufu’ I used my strength to pound, she resolved from using the product because that day, nobody ate the food except herself and my father and I we wondered how they were able to find taste in a soup we were lost in.

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Well, a similar thing happened to me at Madina after I followed my hunger that morning to throw good money away. I am a great devotee of ‘Waakye’, I will definitely chose ‘Waakye’ as my second favorite food any day, but even in choosing, I am very selected that at Akim Oda where I spend most of my vacations, I go round a ‘Waakye’ seller not taking into account the distance I have to cover before reaching the second ‘Waakye’ seller and how the first seller’s brand is widely accepted than the second’s. Actually I followed the brand some years ago and what my taste saw hurt my feelings for the meal, so from that day, it’s either the second woman who operates in a small kiosk or no ‘Waakye’.

Because I was in the capital and the packaging of this woman’s Waakye in front of the Prudential Bank at the Madina station was putting on a world-class show, both in appearance and patronage, and because of my hunger that morning and the awareness of travelling on the bad roads that leads to Eastern Region, I failed think twice before I approached the joint and ordered massively. Unless you are telling me that 4 Ghanaian cedis worth of ‘Waakye’ is not a massive order.

To my surprise, the food my eyes believed in and my appetite and chumming tummy was testifying to ended up being a great disappointment that I only ate half of the food that morning; what a  waste of good money yah!? I told you so.

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Shouldn’t there be laws that protect consumers against situations like this? That if truly the food was not worth what I pictured and is proved by the inability of a young hungry man to finish a bowl of ‘Waakye’, then there should be some sort of compensation.

I was highly disappointed that I had to take three tissue papers instead of one for compensation. I don’t know how you earn your money but if you earn it like I do then wasting it, especially on your favorite breakfast meal should bother you, thus when the meal turns out to be the very opposite of what you think you were buying.

If you are reading this and you are thinking about going to the joint to taste the food for yourself, make sure you are not the type that swallows just anything. If you are, please spare yourself the trouble because you won’t get the right results at the end of the day.

So I am pleading with our government, that instead of wasting money on creating new regions, the money should rather be used to protect consumers.

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