Jym.writes: Guys, Do Ladies Become Mad When The Shop Is Open But We Are Not Buying?

Jym.writes: Guys, Do Ladies Become Mad When The Shop Is Open But We Are Not Buying?

One thing that pushes writers to write most of the times are their experiences; we have a habit of channeling what we are going through or went through into beautiful write-up and this piece could be one you can say we write out of what we have experienced.

Since I entered the university, I have been relating with ladies easily and most of the times all I look for is just a harmless friendship; it does not matter whether I confess that I am crushing on them or confessed that I like or falling in love with them. What I am really looking for is friendship, an opportunity to know the person and know where she is heading in life.

I conclude that loving, crushing or liking a person is not enough reasons to jump into a relationship, so after telling a crush how I may feel, since I don’t have the space to keep my feelings, I expect that we just be friends to know each other, and I know majority don’t see any sense in this anyway. So I will allow those who think I am being delusional live on with their view and to those who think or know that I am making sense, welcome to the new world y’all.

Even though I do this for the right reasons, I end up on the wrong side of ladies who may probably be thinking we should jump right into a relationship with I love you, I love and some occasional sex. And when that is not happening, they always run cold on me, many would end up being angry and I end up being the bad person. This leads to disappointments and broken hearted. Yeah! Cold discreet sleepless night broken hearted; don’t hold it against me that was in the past.

This attitude of ladies getting angry over the issue of ‘not proposing’ when they want you to got me thinking and confused at the same time; well when you are thinking, it might probably be that you are confused, and as writer, I decided to feature the topic and gather the views of ladies.

So without wasting more of your time, let hear what the ladies have to say.

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Yes, if a lady likes you and she is doing everything to show it, but you are not telling her anything she might get angry. But sometimes too, they are not really looking for a relationship; they just want you to be around them, because they like you. Let me use mine as an example, I like ‘you’ but I don’t want a relationship but want to see you around me and I become angry and jealous when I see you with other ladies.

That’s Naa, my best friend you can say. Naa is very selfish, right? And it is really unchristian of her. Someone should tell Naa to make up her mind…Lol. Let hear the second person.


It depends, people are different. But if you want my opinion; if I think I am interested in a guy and the guy is not interested, why should I be angry? The second thing is the guy may not be certain of the lady’s feelings, so if I am the lady, I would approach the guy about my feelings instead of getting angry. And if the guy is also interested in the lady but is not sure of her feelings, the guy should also approach the lady, it is all about communication, and it is all about being matured.

Phina is a super woman, Ladies, be like Phina and make life easy for us too. So we see it is not about getting angry, it is about being matured and communicating our feelings. Thank you Phina.


(Laughs) That’s what they say. I have not experienced it before though. I hear that is why ladies end up always angry with guys but personally, if it is me, I won’t get angry but wait patiently. And some ladies too are complicated.

Like really complicated right?


That could be serious. The lady has no right to be angry especially in this era where ladies and guys can propose to each other. In some cases, the lady may feel embarrassed if she shows clearly that she likes the guy in question. Our culture also makes it difficult for ladies to express their innermost feelings and desires to guys, we expect them to see and read meaning into our actions which mostly leads to wrong assumptions. Again, the lady has no right to be angry. And in some ways, ladies are complicated.

I actually love the way Jenny started with the new era where ladies can also propose to guys until she came in with the culture thing. Come on ladies, is it a new era or not? If it is, let stop bringing culture into this.


I think it depends if the lady is desperate and naïve and will do anything and can even go ahead to sack the ladies around the guy meanwhile the guy hasn’t proposed. I think it is desperation and jealousy that cause this. And ladies can be complicated sometimes.

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Yes, ladies do become upset when they fall for a guy and the guy is not proposing because in the society we find ourselves it always sound awkward when we think about a lady proposing. But when a lady falls for a guy she will definitely show some signs and if with all the signs the guy is not saying anything that is where it puts the lady off. Ladies are not complicated; we just have different ways of responding to situations.


Yes to some extent, some will be annoyed, some also disappointed and others may just take it lightly. Those who may react negatively may expect to be loved back and some disappointed because their efforts to get the guys attention ended in vain. And ladies are not complicated, it is just that some guys don’t know how to pact with them.


Yes and the reason being that it is difficult for ladies to propose to guys so if she spots a guy and is doing everything for the guy to recognize her and the guy is not it may put the lady off, and it is worse when the guy is interested in another lady. It sometimes even leads to the lady hating the guy. And Ladies are not complicated.

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Yes, but it’s not necessarily anger.  It can be disappointment, emotional embarrassment, jealousy or feeling rejected. What brings about all these is when the guy proposes to another and comes back to them sharing the problems he is facing in the relationship or when the guy proposes to someone the lady thinks she is better than in diverse ways. Others may be hurt because they may have invested in the guy and the guy may end up proposing to another lady. The worse of it all is when the guy proposes to her best friend or close friend. Some ladies are complicated and others are seen by guys to be complicated; some guys are carried away by their ego so they refuse to see the good in the ‘lady’ so everything about her becomes complicated.

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It seems to me that our ladies are saying the same thing, and what I have made out of all these is that the ladies are not pushing for their own rights on the grounds of sexual equality. And their excuse as usual is culture and what society thinks, it is so sad the 21st century women are still hiding behind culture and society as if they are not the same people fighting for equality.

Like some of the ladies said in their contributions, ‘Ladies, you have no right to be angry at a guy if you like him and he is not approaching you.’ You can equally go ahead and express your feelings.

I hope this write-up would be of help to both genders and if you need extra help on the topic or you have your opinion to add (don’t worry, I can always edit this and add your), leave a comment or email me on [email protected] or link up on Facebook; Joseph Yaw Mawunyo.

And to all my contributors, I appreciate you beautiful ladies so much and let do this again, yeah!?

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