Infoctess Honors Their Chief Patron, Mr. Delali Kwasi Dake

Infoctess Honors Their Chief Patron, Mr. Delali Kwasi Dake

After a long semester of work load coupled with hard work, the Information Communication Technology Students Society decided to recognize the services, efforts and achievements of both deserving students and lecturers in the department.

Students during the semester were treated to stress releasing programs such ‘Gobe Feast’, Mr. Wilson’s Memorial Health Walk with hot kenkey at the end and to top it all, the most acclaimed Head Of Department’s List where students were presented with cash prices and certificates for doing well in their academics.

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The Chief Patron and the CEO of Jobweb Group of Companies, Mr. Delali Kwasi Dake and his company funded all programs including presenting cash prices to some selected students who were excelling in their academics. And as RJ Palacio said, ‘we should be remembered for the things we do for they are the most important things of all’ (paraphrased); Mr. Dake was also presented with a citation in honor of the sponsorship he and his company gave to the department.

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The entire student fraternity says congratulations to Mr. Dake for his selfless act and contributions in making the academic year a success. “The reward of a work well done is the opportunity to do more”-Jonas Salk.


-By Joseph Yaw Mawunyo; Information Communication Technology Department Level 400


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