A Diary Note: Ena Pa-Virtuous Mother

A Diary Note: Ena Pa-Virtuous Mother

In the cool moon she presented herself
The hot sun appeared
I thought she will disappear
Yet she represented firmly
Here I was she is a maadaa
She never consider her pikes
But grabs pitfalls
To make me a warrior
When a simple medication
Or sparking surgical tools
Could have saved her head
From all these lengthen pains and problems
The pain to push.
The stress to nurture
And the tragedy to raise
Not forgetting the scene in the labour ward
How her purple turned blue
Due to the killing pain.

She saddled me in her matrix
Her nutrients I nibbled on through her bloodstream
Massive pain is unbearable to all human
But she hailed to it for months
Just to give me life
Making stress her constant companion
To make me leave in pleasure
Her flesh, my feeding trough
Her blood, my cream nourished juice
I’m the reason for her chest shape now

She nuddle away
From peace, comfort and pride
Just to make me better
She walks on shells and flamed coals
To make me stand tall with pride
Words can’t gratify it all
I love you woman
I call you maadaa
Because you play dual roles
You are an answerable mother (Maa)
And a responsible father (Daa).

Maame Adwoa Baabu


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